Irimaki Sushi Catering

Terms & Conditions

Pricing & Minimums

Irimaki Catering reserves the right to require a minimum number of guests per menu or per event. Guest minimum amounts, menu prices, menu items, and any other services or products offered by Irimaki are subject to change at any time, without notice, based on resources, availability and other factors. There may be a time lag between any changes to prices, minimum guest requirements, and menu items or any other products/services, and when those changes appear on the website or on any other materials. Specific guest minimums, menu prices, menu items and service/products offerings will be confirmed by a Irimaki Catering representative when you discuss your event with our staff.

To schedule and event we ask for the 50% in advance, the order 50% we will request it after the event is completed. This payment is non refundable.

Form of Payments accepted: Cash, Check, Zelle, Wire Transfer or Cryptocurrency. Additional charges will be incurred when an event time exceeds the scheduled time, additional meal service personnel, or any other goods /services.


In the event of the cancellation of your scheduled event your deposit payment is non refundable but we can reschedule anytime depending on availability.

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