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Simple tricks for eating with chopsticks

February, 2022

We’ve all had that situation where we’re eating with chopsticks and we can’t seem to pick up the food without dropping it. Or, when we’re trying to eat something small, like a grape, and it keeps slipping through the cracks. Well, don’t worry! There are some tricks for eating with chopsticks that will make your life a lot easier. Check out these tips below and you’ll be able to dine like a pro.

Chopsticks history

The history of chopsticks dates back to China and was introduced into Japan in the 7th century. There are documents that show its use as early at 12th Century BC, with legendsaying it began during Yao-Shun’s time when a cauldron boiled over boiling water with meat pieces inside for dining pleasure.

At first, the people were not sure what to do. They had looked around for a solution thatwould work but couldn’t think of anything so finally one man clamped his branches together and used them as an oven clamp like you see on wood stoves or fire pits in backyards all over America-the rest followed suit until there was enough food for everyone!

This centuries-old object is used by people all over the world. In a few years, it was introduced to society and became a staple of meals in the VIII century an object for use at dinner time with royalty but soon after that it became accessible through inheritance or purchase regardless if one were upper class citizen or not because they could afford such luxuries then too!

One of the main reasons why chopsticks became so famous in their area had to do withhow cooks used them. They started chopping ingredients without a knife, just using these tools that were originally designed for picking things up and putting it into your mouth!

Difference between chopsticks and Japanese chopsticks

Although chopsticks are often referred to as Chinese, Japanese versions exist. Chopsticklengths and widths vary depending on the country of origin with longer wood sticks being used in China while shorter plastic ones can be found throughout Japan; however these latter two types still maintain a similar appearance when held against one anotherside-by-side at close range for comparison purposes (whether this disparity matters is up for debate).

Tricks to learn to use chopsticks

When you learn how to eat with chopsticks, the first thing that will need practice is putting one end of your stick between your thumb and index finger while holding onto another section by ring finger. Once this has been mastered, repeat the process for the other side until both are adjusted accordingly so they can comfortably hold all dishes without letting go!

What should you not do with chopsticks on the table?

When it comes to eating with chopsticks, there’s an important etiquette that you shouldknow so as not to hurt a culture who has had their own way of life for many years.

  • Chopsticks are a dining essential for any Asian cuisine dish.
  • Chopstick etiquette says that they should never be placed crossed, nor left overlapping each other as this is considered bad luck when used with rice porridge or noodles during the mealtime processions.
  • where one person uses them at once while eating their food off of plates put together by others before themselves consuming what’s been cooked inside thosevessels.
  • It’s also improper to suck on either ends like you’re enjoying some sweet treat!
  • All sticks must stay neutral in color so no stains will take over your attire after using these tools – just make sure everything goes back onto its own individual spot afterwards if there were.
  • All you need to do now is practice.

Irimaki, sushi catering will be happy to help you practice and teach more tricks. You can also order delivery so that we don’t have any interruptions during our lesson time!

I am looking forward in meeting many new people with the same interest of learning about sushi as I do- all while enjoying some delicious food from Japan’s most famous cuisine: SUSHI!!!