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When you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, there is no better way to enjoy your time than with one of my personal chefs. I can customize any private event from small business lunches or dinners all the way up through large wedding celebrations.

Congresses, conventions, and business meetings are all in a day’s work for us.
We have the perfect menu to surprise your guests with whatever occasion you’re celebrating.


Tomas Iribarren, is one of the best private home chefs in Florida to offer sushi catering.

He’s been cooking since he was a child and can’t remember life without it!

Tomas is a chef who has been working for the last few years. He combined his passion with various training, which led him to start up his own business and dedicate himself fully in this pursuit.

“I’m a master chef who can prepare any dish for your event. I’ll ensure you have an exquisite meal without fail or mess, and the best flavors imaginable!”


He is a talented chef who cooks not just for himself, but also often finds time to cater events and work as a private chef.

His knowledge ranges from the preparation of more traditional dishes, to avant-garde; this makes his cuisine very balanced. He is capable in making sure every dish he prepares for you will be an amalgamation off flavors and techniques (Sushi).


Need a chef for your next private event?
We have the experience you’re looking for!

Whether you’re a professional in the sector or just looking to spice up your day with some sushi, we have what it takes. With options that range from bulk deliveries of delicious pieces for professionals and private events all throughout South Florida; daily meals at offices, Customized Sushi Bars serving only top quality fish & rice made by experts whose skills are unmatched – there really isn’t anything this service doesn’t offer!

Don’t Believe Us… Believe Our Customers


“Food is fresh and very delicious. Looking forward to another event together. My clients were happy and very impressed.”

-Ana V.

“The most amazing experience of catering I’ve ever had. These people think about everything and guide you on a culinary journey. Definitely worth it!”

-Tomas I.

“Best sushi in town. Not kidding or exaggerating at all. You have to try it, and believe me, you won’t regret it!”

-Rafael M.

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